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Axle Weight

Axle Weight Limits  
Loading Instructions - Axle Weight Limits When a Midnite Express tractor-trailer stops at a D.O.T. scale, each of its axle groups is weighed individually. No individual axle group may exceed its authorized weight limit.
Adjusting Axle Weights  
Loading Instructions - Adjusting Axle Weights Midnite equips all its tractors with sliding fifth wheels and all its trailers with sliding tandems. By adjusting the positions of the fifth wheel and the trailer tandems, the weight of the load can be re- distributed among the three axle groups, enabling the maximum payload to be carried, while still complying with axle weight limits.

The majority of our competitors' over-the-road equipment is outfitted with stationary fifth wheels and fixed tandems, reducing loading flexibility and weight-carrying potential.
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